Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 5, 2015

Space Marines Carcharodons- March of the cEnts (Devastator Centurions)

Last time I posted Centurions it was the Assault Centurions.  This time it is the Devastator Centurions with grav cannons.  The models are the same and with the power of magnets I am able to switch out all weapons load outs.  I love the flexibility of changing the weapons.  The downside are the guns can get knocked very easy during game play.  All-in-all I am glad I went with the route of the magnet.

SM Grav Cent 008

If I use one big squad of six then I use the model with the plume as the Veteran Sergeant.  If the squad is broken into two then the model without the helmet also acts as a Veteran Sergeant.  I am able to distinguish between the two squads with the shoulder crests.  One squad has a skull and the other a shark fin.  I also put shark teeth on the shoulders of the Veteran Sergeants.  All transfers are from Forgeworld.

The first two pictures show the models without any weapons.  I am thinking of making the flesh a bit more of a pale grey.  The flesh tone is close to that of the armour.

SM Grav Cent 001

SM Grav Cent 002

I only have the grav cannons painted up.  At the moment I am in no rush to paint the lascannons or heavy bolters.

SM Grav Cent 003

SM Grav Cent 004

Here we can see the shark teeth on the shoulder of the Veteran Sergeant.

SM Grav Cent 006

SM Grav Cent 005

Here is the full complement of Centurions marching in all their glory.

SM Grav Cent 007

Here are all the weapons that I am currently using on the Centurions.  Each grav cannon has two magnets.  Each siege drill has three magnets- two to attach to the arm and one for the melta or flamer.

SM Cent Weap 001



  1. These guys look great. Great highlighting, and I love the shark teeth and little bits on these guys.

    One suggestion for the future. Drill the hurricane bolter barrels! It’ll make them look a lot cooler! If you aren’t comfortable with drilling, you can also put a tiny dab of black paint in the center of them to create a similar effect.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a go. I am definitely comfortable with drilling. Especially with all the magnets in those models. I’ve pinned a few pewter models as well.


  3. Fair play to you. I don’t have a tiny wee drill to do that sort of thing and would be terrified the entire time. Nicely done with the magnets and all. Not something I think I would do but I can understand how it works out for people.

    Love the paint job on these guys as well. They all fit in together very well.


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