Posted by: Turkadactyl | May 11, 2015

Space Marines Carcharodons- Tyberos the Red Wake

Tyberos caught my attention when Forgeworld released the model.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting the model.  I like the mystery behind the chapter as well as with Tyberos.  I used the tech outpost base by Fantascape with all the Carcharodons.  It’s a base, I think, that suits the chapter.

SM Tyberos 001

SM Tyberos 002

SM Tyberos 003

SM Tyberos 004

The night shift is coming to a close.  I’d like to say more but I’m tired.  In the meantime I’ll let the photos do the talking.  I certainly appreciate this model.  The Carchardons have been a pleasure to paint and play with.



  1. It’s great to see another Carcharodons player on the web, and especially one with such a handsome army.

    The banner and Red Scorpion helm conversion were really ingenious, but I have to ask, what did you end up doing with the Sevrin Loth model? He is gorgeous and by far the best Librarian model that has ever been produced IMO. I was thinking of buying him and swapping his Red Scorpions pauldron for a blank one, but I still can’t decide if he’ll have blue or grey armor.


    • Loth is primed at the moment. When I painted the Carcharodons it was for the 2013/14 GW West Edmonton Nemesis Challenge. I painted 2000 points over 6 months and I really needed a break from painting them.

      Then the Grey Knights 7th edition came out and I decided that I had to get them painted up since they have been sitting on my shelves primed. I prefer playing with painted models. It adds to the overall experience of the game for me.

      Maybe I’ll bump Loth up on the project list. I typically stay with a project and run with it for a bit. Right now I have 40K ADHD. I want to get Tim the Dimachaeron painted. I am working on Cities of Death and Fortifications. I have two Lord of the Rings models to paint up for presents. I also want to get back to Carcharodons too. I have the Caestus Assault Ram to assemble and in the middle of painting up two Dreadnoughts and an Assault Squad.

      I kept the Red Scorpion pauldron on Loth and removed all Scorpion icons. I will be going with blue armour. Carcharodons are old school and go by the Astartes code therefor blue seemed the right way to go.

      Anon, do you have a website that you post your pictures on? Check out as well. I beautifully painted army.


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