Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 18, 2015

Grey Knights- Terminators Squad A

I play Warhammer 40,000.  I take flak for it.  Yes, there are some in this particular hobby that are not known for their social prowess and hygiene.  I love games be it contact, board, cards the list goes on.  I work shift work so I invest my time off during night rotation with painting.  Project Grey Knights has been ongoing for the last few months now and I am pleased with the work.  I want to show you what I have finished.

GK Termies Squad A 003

One of my first armies was the Sisters of Battle.  Since metal models did not scare me I bought some Grey Knight Terminators to ally in (the Sisters and Grey Knights had a special ally rule for 3rd and 4th edition).  I only assembled the models.  Then 5th edition came out and grey Knights got an update.  I bought a whole lot of plastic models, assembled and primed but never painted.

Then October 2013 comes around and Games Workshop West Edmonton starts a painting challenge.  Over a span of 6 months the challenge was to paint on army progressively to 2000 points.  I painted up a 2000 point Space Marine Carcharodon Chapter for that challenge.  The army looks great (I’ll show you one day), however, I needed a break from grey.

Fast forward to November 2014.  Games Workshop West Edmonton initiates the next Nemesis Painting Challenge.  I was still fatigued with painting grey.  But my Grey Knights, I was tired of looking at black primed models.  Bingo, there’s my next project.  And they were not going to be grey.

Grey Knights have a regal look to them and I like gold.  Some smart ass comes along every once in a while and says that grey Knights should be grey.  I bought the models.  I’ll paint them however I want.  Purple and gold- the colours of royalty.  Here’s the squad of metal terminators I purchased nine years ago.

GK Termies Squad A 001

GK Termies Squad A 002


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