Posted by: Turkadactyl | November 1, 2008


I have finished reading the testimonials of the Jewish holocaust survivors.  It was a humbling experience.  One woman was a teenager at the time when she was rounded up and shipped off to a concentration camp.  The prisoners were herded into one of two gates.  This woman shared that she was designated the gate of life.  All those directed through the other gate were led to the gas chamber and to death that very day.  Others talked about being lucky and were able to flee Germany and Austria before the war broke out.  Some had the luck to be put on a boat to England, whereas if they were but on the boat to Belgium or Holland they feel they most likely would have been caught by the Nazis again and then concentration camp bound.  This book is stark reminder that I live in freedom and will appreciate the lifestyle I live.

I phoned Camas last night.  It was great to talk to Tim, Emily, Dot and Amy.  A group has come to help with the final labour tasks that need to be completed.  Amy reports that there are many Poopsmiths in the new group.  The group has also taken a liking to Ferocious. One man is inspired to build a hovercraft.  I asked Emily to be Ferocious’ godparent.  She is taking good care of him.

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