Posted by: Turkadactyl | July 31, 2008

The Moustache Letters- No Soup For You

Dear Mark,

I am deeply troubled over the recent soup drought that Edmonton is experiencing. I hope now that people do not take their soup for granted. There may be something that I can do from over here. You see we have soup for lunch just about every day. Alexander is a bit of a sloppy eater and I get quite wet at lunches. When we are done lunch I can send Alexander over to the water and I can have him strain me out. The soup should be able to reach you in 4-6 weeks.

It is too bad that handlebars were left in charge. They never really has it in them to make sure the soup drought did not get as bad as it sounds. If they were not too focused on their streamers perhaps the crisis could have been avoided altogether.

Your advice was soothing to my whiskers. I will take it easy on nostrils. Things are getting better in their marriage. In fact I have some great news. They are expecting their first batch hairs soon. They are really excited and are already making space for the new additions to their family. They did receive the fruit baske. They asked me to say thank you and they enjoyed the smells, especially the strawberries.

I will trust you on the Aquaman business. I still so not fully understand but if you say it is absurd then i will trust you.

I have been working out a lot here at Camas. I have been getting bigger everyday. I really do not like sharing the spotlight with beard though. Beard is a wee bit too obnoxious. I hope he takes a holiday soon. It is crowded here with him.

Thank you for your kind words. You are the wind beneath my wings.



  1. Who is Mark? I am enjoying your writings Alex.


  2. Mark Rounding. I know Mark from the youth group. We both share the same odd sense of humour and he wanted to be pen pals with my moustache. the Roundings are part of OSV. You have porbably seen him. Mark, where are you? Moustache is concerned.


  3. dear moustache,

    i havent been able to write to you for a while. i went into hiding, the paydro gang is after me. i went to the far corners of the world, yes nova scotia. the soup flows like a river here so im going to smuggle some back to the big E.

    and thats great about the nostrils. those little hairs grow so fast though enjoy them while there still there, nostrils.

    dont worry about the beard because you know what they say “beards come and go but moustache is forever”

    the handle bars are getting together with some help from the mutton chops they have a p.h.d. in friendliness you know. some times you just need friends.

    thats all i can write for now some very rude ear hair is being very rude.



  4. Hey Alex,
    I enjoy your writings. Sorry i have dropped you a line in awhile. I have been busy at work. Keep up thr writing : )


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