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Spartember- Conclusion

Spartember has wrapped up and I think it can be called a success.  Five people pledged a Forgeworld super heavy and were able to achieve their goals.  Everyone’s goals varied and encouraged one another to stay the course.  Let’s see how everyone fared.


A quick backstory on this project.  Months back NafNaf and I were engaged in a conversation in a comments section about our unassembled Spartan Assault Tanks collecting dust in the closet.  For anyone who has assembled large Forgeworld kits you know it can be daunting to assemble these kits.  There is a chance of warped parts and alignment can be off.  We decided to hold each other accountable and set apart September assemble our kits.  We invited others to join us and three more joined the challenge- Thutmos, Siph and Jerrod.

My goal was to assemble my Spartan and paint the base colours of the Carcharodons.  I was able to achieve all of this.  Next step will be applying a varnish to protec tht e base layer and then highlights.  I find that black especially rubs off easily from the resin therefore the varnish.

I primed the model black and then applied Army Painter Uniform primer.  The reason for this is the Uniform Grey looks similar to the resin.  By spraying black I know for sure if I will miss a spot with the grey.  The Uniform Grey speeds up the paint process and I am thankful for that tool.

Next up is painting the doors and tracks black.  The tracks have a lot of nooks and crannies so it took a bit of time to get all the spots.  The guns and vents were painted with Leadbelcher.  I made the mistake of gluing lascannon turrets.  Had a I left them off it would have made it a lot easier to paint.  The aquilla and windows were painted with Retributor Armour and followed with Burnished Gold.

Spartan WIP 24

Spartan WIP 25

Spartan WIP 26

Spartan WIP 27

Spartan WIP 28

Spartan WIP 29

Spartan WIP 30

I still have a bit more work to do to get it varnished and highlighted but that is a project for another day.  NafNaf and I were joking around that we’ll finish our tanks next Spartember.  Was it joking around or are we actually serious?  Now it’s time to deflect the subject and see how the others fared.

Objective Secured– NafNaf took a bit of a break to preserve his sanity.  It paid off though.  He came back, was able to focus and completed the assembly.  He had a problem with gaps and managed to plug all the holes.  His mission was to assemble the kit and mission accomplished.  NafNaf and I will lean on each other next Spartember and finish painting the super heavies.

Nafnaf WIP 1

WeeMen– Siph had the toughest challenge and came out in spades.  NafNaf and I had the luxury having Spartans with attached tracks.  Siph on the other hand had an older kit with separate tracks.  He had a lot of filing and surgery to do allow the tracks to sit flush.  Siph solved the issues and not only did he assemble his Spartan but painted it with highlights and applied some weathering.  Hat tip to you Siph, job well done.  Thanks for representing the grey power armour.

Siph WIP 4

Temple of Thutmos– Thutmos had an assembled Typhoon and issued a challenge of cleaning up mold lines form the model, magnetizing the sponson, and attaching some Chaos bits.  Not wanting to stop there Thutmos also wanted to get some Red Corsairs colours on the super heavy.  Thutmos was able to achieve all goals with the exception of spikey bits.  There may not be any Chaos spikes but Thutmos did freehand some Chaos icons onto the super heavy.

Thutmos WIP 4

Kharybdiss– Jerrod had an assembled Typhoon at the start of the month.  he pledged to get it painted up and mission accomplished.  The green, black and gold look sharp together.  Jerrod and I are going to take our tanks out for a spin and play a Salamanders vs Carcharodons game some time soon.  I bought my Spartan for my Terminators.  Jerrod had a Typhoon that can cause some serious hurt on my Terminators.  Be sure to check out his Instagram account.  I can’t load up any of his pictures.

So what’s next?  I will be giving Dreadtober a pass again.  I participated two years ago.  Last year I was preparing for a course for my job promotion and couldn’t focus on Dreadtober.  This year I am going to a local event in a couple of weeks and I have to get an Exorcist updated as well as assemble and paint ten Dryads.

Exorcist WIP 1

The Exorcist on the left is one of the first models I painted thirteen years.  I returned to my Sisters a few years ago since my painting had improved.  The Exorcist on the right reflects my improvement.  I’m going to the tournament with my Inner Circle army.  I’m gunning for best painted but in order to qualify I need to get that Exorcist updated.

Exorcist WIP 2

I’ve wanted to update this Exorcist for a long time.  It feels good to finally start this project.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great success, I know mine would still be sitting in the bags if it wasn’t for Spartember. I’ll no doubt have more resin to do from my to-do pile next year so count me in for next year too.

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    • What project do you have in mind for next year?


      • Hmm, maybe my StormEagle or Chapterhouse Extended StormRaven if I haven’t painted that by then, or the Fellblade, or Caestus Assault Ram… all in my To-do pile, so I’ll defo have something!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, so many options! I think I’ll be focusing on the Carcharodons after next summer. I’ve got a Caestus and LR Achilles to finish for large stuff.

        I want to get my Tyranids, Grey Knights, Sisters and Sylvaneth all complete. I’ve been putting the first three off for a long time due to new projects. Then I’ve got Ad Mech and Inquisition in there as well.


  2. Great achievements all round

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    • For sure. It was good to lean on each other. It’s easy to put these large projects off but knowing others are going through the same “pain” is a great motivator.

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  3. Great stuff and congratulations to all involved, a center piece model for sure.

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    • Yeah, these kits are definitely attention grabbing that’s for sure.


  4. Great job to everybody! I echo Siph’s comment – no way my Typhon would be anywhere near its present state without the encouragement and inspiration from the group. Thank you guys for putting it on! I had a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome to hear. NafNaf and I will be at it again next year finishing the painting touches to our beasts. Sounds like Siph has plenty of projects to join in as well. We will do this again next year!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. […] finish painting my models in time for the Iron Sleet Invitational. I did a *pretty good* job at Spartember. Completely whiffed at Dreadtober. Dropped the ball on Painting Decemb-uary. Missed the […]


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