Posted by: Turkadactyl | September 23, 2017

Spartember- Week 4

I’m one day late for the weekly Spartember update but I don’t think anyone will hold that against me.  I caught a bug a couple of days ago and my body feels like I just completed an all body workout.  This week I do not have much progress to report other than size comparison photos.  There’s still a few days left in the month, however, so I have no doubts I will achieve my goal of getting the base paints down.


For the first comparison I wanted to see the size difference between the Land Raider Achilles with the Spartan Assault Tank.  As you can see the mighty Land Raider is not that far off in size.  For a super heavy tank it’s not that much bigger.  I was able to get the base colours down on the Land Riader fairly quick so I’m feeling good about achieving my goal.

Spartan WIP 20

Spartan WIP 21

Next up is the Caestus Assault Ram vs the Spartan.  There is a noticeable difference between the two.  I’ve played a few games with the Caestus and that model takes up a lot of real estate on the table.

Spartan WIP 22

Spartan WIP 23

The tracks are going to be a pain to paint.  There’s lots of grooves and indentations.  I inspected the model after priming it black and the primer stuck everywhere.  That’s good news as that means two washes with soap and water did the trick to remove all the releasing agent.  I’m looking forward to getting this beast out on the table and spilling out a tonne of Terminators.  Carcharodons love their Terminators and so do I.

Let’s check in with the others shall we:

Objective Secured– NafNaf is suffering from attention deficit disorder and is plugging away at some other projects.  There’s still a week left so I have no doubts he will finish the rites to the Omnissiah and commission his Spartan by months end.

Temple of Thutmos– The Typhoon is coming along.  Thurmos has added some metallics and free hand as well as magnetizing the weapons, which is something I should have done.

Thutmos WIP 3

WeeMen– Siph is still working on the tracks and for good reason.  The measurements are off and don’t fit properly.  He has to file them down to the appropriate size to make sure they all sit flush.  I for one am thankful that my Spartan came with the tracks attached to the chassis.

Siph WIP 3

Kharybdiss– Jerrod is almost done!  I’d love to paste a photo but Instagram is pain and I’m on a work computer.  Check out the link and see the progress he has made on his Typhoon.  I think Jerrod and I will have to play a super heavy match sometime soon.

One week left to go.  Be sure to check out the other sites and cheer them on!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Mate, tracks done! 🙂 And primed this weekend! Feels like making progress at last! The goal of getting it made should be doable, and if I can by months end get it painted I will!

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    • There rest will be a piece of cake now! Congratulations!


  2. Great looking updates, though I feel for Siph and the track dilemma! The work you all are doing is definitely the inspiration I need to power through the final week of the month and get the Typhon in top shape.

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  3. Home stretch!

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  4. Great going dude:)

    I certainly do suffer from extreme hobby distraction syndrome! Fortunately Inhave finished my Spartan now. I just need to take some pics and post up thefinished article 🙂

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  7. I’m still working mate… nearly done! Tank hull done and sponsons are taking an age. Transfers still to do mind, when do you need my progress? I was planning on tomorrow?! End of the month is still today 😉

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    • I was going to give it a couple days to give everyone time to get their last updates in. Plus I am wicked sick right now and my cough medicine is making my head foggy. Want to make sure my head is a bit clearer before posting.


      • Blessed by Papa Nurgle. Get well soon buddy. 1hr to go and just the power cables on the sponson to do! 🙂

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