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The Badab War YEG Battle Report #12- Star Phantoms vs Astral Claws

This is the last game for Phase IV for Badab War YEG featuring Andrew and his Astral Claws versus Jerrod’s Astral Claws.  The winner of this game will decide which faction wins the phase and gain an extra strategem for the Phase V grand finale.  Andrew and Jerrod have never played a Zone Mortalis game before so let’s see what surprises await them.


The mission is kill points with 1000 points a side.  The Cold Void and Catastrophic Table rules were used.  Half the army has to go into reserves.  Cold Void means any guns strength four or higher have rending when shooting against a target with an armour save of three or worse.  To mitigate this a player can take elite 2+ save troops but is quality better than quantity?  The Catastrophic Table involves players each rolling one dice at the start of the turn and adding them together.  The total determines a random event in the maze.  Nothing like a little bit of randomness to ruin a game plan.

Star Phantoms


  • Captain Androcles
  • Librarian- mastery level 2 (telepathy- hallucination, terrify), digital weapons, warlord (feel no pain)


  • Sternguard (6 models)- heavy flamer, combi-weapons

Fast Attack

  • Assault Marines (5 models)- jump packs, flamer, power sword, combat shield
  • Assault Marines (5 models)- jump packs, flamer, power sword, combat shield

Heavy Support

  • Contemptor Drreadnought- kheres assault cannon
  • Devastators (5 models)- heavy bolter x2, grav cannon x2


  • Fire Wasp x2- single model that can move and use flamer

Astral Claws


  • Captain- terminator armour, thunder hammer, storm shield, warlord (furious charge)


  • Tactical Marines (5 models)- plasma gun, combi-plasma
  • Tactical Marines (5 models)- plasma gun, combi-plasma
  • Tactical Marines (5 models)- plasma gun, combi-plasma
  • Tactical Marines (5 models)- plasma gun, combi-plasma


  • Terminators (10 models)- cyclone missile launcher x2, chainfist x4


  • Defensive Strongpoint- pillbox that grants 4+ cover save and ability to re-roll to hit rolls of 1 when shooting

Turn 1

They roll on the Catastrophic Table and there is no effect.  Jerrod has first turn and advances to the centre of the board.  Andrew also advances on his turn 1.

The Fire Wasp has the scout rule.  It opens the doors and flames the Astral Claws Tactical Marines.  The Astral Claws are not amused and make all their saves.

Turn 2

For the second turn in a row there is no effect on the Catastrophic Table.

Jerrod rolls for reserves and all his units arrive and run to the centre.  The Tactical Marines that were the recipients of the flamer shoot the Fire Wasp and destroy it.  This does not grant First Blood.

Andrew rolls for reserves and he has the same luck as Jerrod with everything arriving.  The second Fire Wasp advances to the Astral Claws Terminators.  It fires its flamer and charges with no success.  The Fire Wasp is crushed and causes no casualties.

Turn 3

Andrew and Jerrod roll on the Catastrophic Table and there is no effect again.

The Captain and Terminators are in the centre chamber.  They peer through the door and see the Star Phantoms.  The Captain fires his combi-plasma and it overheats twice.  The Captain is not too concerned though.  His terminator armour is able to absorb the damage.

The Star Phantoms Librarian attempts to channel the warp and fails with both attempts.  The Tactical Marines return fire at the Terminators and it seems that plasma is cursed on this ship.  The combi-plasma overheats twice but all armour saves are made.  The combi-meltas don’t fare too well either.  Three guns are fired and all three miss.

Turn 4

Finally an event happens on the Catastrophic Table.  Debris falls on a unit of Astral Claws Tactical Marines.  They are able to dodge the fall out and suffer no wounds.

The Astral Claws Tactical Marines target the Librarian and the squad he is attached to.  They shoot down four Star Phantoms.

The Astral Claws Terminators charge the Captain and Sternguard.  The two Captains lock up in a glorious duel and kill each other.  The Terminators wipe out the Sternguard.



The other Astral Claws Tactical Marines advance forward


Andrew uses the Star Phantoms chapter tactic and all guns are twin-linked.  The Star Phantoms open fire.  The Assault Marines shoot and charge the Astral Claw Tactical Marines that are close to the centre chamber and bunker.  They manage to kill four in shooting and kill the survivor in combat.

The second Assault Marine squad looks to flank the Astral Claws.

The Star Phantoms Devastators kill four Terminators.  The Contemptor joins the battle and guns down one Tactical Marine from the squad that killed the loyalist Librarian.

The game is sitting at 5-3 for Jerrod.  He has three kill points, first blood and slay the warlord.  Andrew has two kill points and slay the warlord.

Turn 5

The roll on the Catastrophic Table reduces all models ballistic skill and initiative by one for the turn.

The Astral Claws Terminators retreat from the Contemptor and Devastators and double back to their bunker.  They and a unit of Tactical Marines open fire on the Assault Marines and kill three Star Phantoms.  The Assault Marines fail their leadership and retreat fourteen inches.

The Astral Claws move into position to fire on the Assault Marines attempting to flank and kill one.

The Star Phantoms Assault Marines that are flanking return fire and kill two Astral Claws.  They charge the Tactical Marines and finish the job.

The Devastators advance to the centre chamber and snap shoot the Terminators, killing one.

Andrew scores another kill point and is now behind 5-4.

Turn 6

The Terminators return fire onto the Devastators.  They manage to hit three times but cause no wounds.  They charge the Devastators and two are killed from overwatch.  The Astral Claws exact some revenge by killing four of the Devastators in combat.

The Astral Claws Tactical Marines advance to the bunker.

The Star Phantoms Assault Marines rally and join their brethren with surrounding the room containing the bunker.  The two squads shot at the two units of Astral Claws Tactical Marines and kill four.  Both units charge and a Sergeant’s plasma gun overheats during overwatch and fries the Astral Claw.  One more Astral is slain in combat.

The Terminators finish off the last Devastator.

Jerrod scored one kill point and pulls away 6-4.

Turn 7

The Terminators charge the Assault Marines that are close to the bunker.  They wipe out the unit and score a kill point.  In the other combat the Star Phantoms Assault Marines kill one Astral Claw reducing the unit to one brother.

The Star Phantoms Contemptor walks up to the door leading into the centre chamber and opens fire on the Terminator.  One Terminator is killed in the volley.

This is the end of turn seven and concludes the game.  Jerrod and his Astral Claws win 7-4, which means the Secessionists win Phase IV and score an extra stratagem for the Phase V finale.  Much like the previous two games this was a bloody affair.  Models don’t seem to survive too well when conducting ship boarding action in the cold void of space.  It was an enjoyable game to watch.  Next post will be the grand finale of Badab War YEG with the assault on the Palace of Thorns.  It’s been a close campaign so far with both factions winning two phases each.  Who will achieve victory in the final stage?


  1. Nice report, and a very nice board. Were the walls homemade or did they come from a company? I must confess the last time I played in a maze we used lincoln logs. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The walls are from Death Ray Designs-

      I jumped in on a kickstarter and went with the Black Site X and Rapid Vanguard bundles. I bought 50 sections of walls as well, which is enough for a 4×4 table. The mat is a F.a.T mat. Most of the walls were easy to assemble. This was all cheaper then buying the Forgeworld Zone Mortalis tiles.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for the info; it sure made for a nice-looking board.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I want to do a review on all the terrain I bought. Problem is I don’t have a good video editing app for the iPhone.


  2. I’m really enjoying these and am going to have to backtrack on the blog and read the others! Ann – the boards are from Games Workshop’s Forgeworld (unless Turk made his own versions, which I wouldn’t discount).

    Liked by 1 person

    • See my reply to Ann’s comment for the product used.


      • I stand corrected and the fact I couldn’t tell the difference shows you got a good deal 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • I like good deals. Who doesn’t?


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