Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 13, 2017

Inquisition- Storm Troopers WIP

I took a weekend excursion to Seattle to watch Radiohead and I am still recovering from the weekend.  Radiohead has been at the top of my list for live shows for years and it finally became a reality.  Wow, what a great show.

Well, the show must go on and that means more WIP shots for Inner Circle.  In case you haven’t heard about Inner Circle it is a 40K painting contest that closes on May 13.   Participants can enter up to 18 units/characters and are given bonus points for a theme.  I have chosen to paint units seen in Fall of Cadia when Belsarius Cawl is working on the Cadian Pylon.  Todays installment is Storm Troopers of the Inquisition.

Storm Trooper WIP 1

These are the metal Kasrkin models.  I’ve had these for years and have continually put them aside for other projects.  My original plan was to paint the armour navy blue and the cloth grey.  I decided to go with the traditional Inquisition colours of red and black because I don’t have an army with red as a primary or secondary colour.  Also, can’t mess with tradition.

Storm Trooper WIP 2

For the red I painted the base Scab Red with a wash of Agrax Earthshade.  Then I highlighted with Red Gore and Blood Red.

Storm Trooper WIP 3

The flesh is Dwarf Flesh with Reikland Fleshshade and highlighted with Dward Flesh and Elf Flesh.

Storm Trooper WIP 4

I started highlighting the black on a couple of models.  I was able to put the Dark Reaper and Thunderhawk Blue to use and used them for highlights.  I am undecided if I want to use Fenrisian Grey for a final edge highlight.

Storm Trooper WIP 5

Storm Trooper WIP 6

Storm Trooper WIP 7

Storm Trooper WIP 8

Most of the highlights are done now with the exception of the gold and power sword.  I’m still on the fence with Fenrisian Grey for the black armour.  I’ll wait and see after I base the model.

Storm Trooper WIP 9

Storm Trooper WIP 10

It feels good to finally paint Storm Troopers after sitting in a box for ten plus years.  They were fairly easy to paint so it shouldn’t be a problem to finish the twenty-five stored away but that will be a project after Inner Circle.

I am looking for industrial/scrapyard waste for the bases.  If you know of a vendor on the internets please let me know.  Trazyn came in the mail as well so that is a big relief.  Next Inner Circle WIP will be Skitarii Infiltrators and Ruststalkers.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great mate. Really nice work on these. Mid last year I sold my Karskin on eBay. Thought I’d get maybe $40 but they went for $125! I was chuffed. Needless to say I used the money on more miniatures hehe.

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  2. Nice work.

    The Fenrisian Grey is good if you use it very selectively for extreme highlights. With what you’ve done though, I don’t think you “need” it by any means.

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    • Good call. I tried it on the Sgt. and went over it with Thunderhawk. It is extreme, that’s for sure.


  3. Those are looking well, always been a fan of those models and you are doing them justice for sure.

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  4. Dude, next time you are in Seattle let me know and I’ll buy you a beer 🙂
    The storm troopers look great. The face especially looks nice. Good luck getting the rest finished.

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    • Nuts, missed opportunity. It was our first time in Seattle. Nice place. Would love to return (with better weather). I’ll give you a heads up next time.


  5. Love those old Karskrin sculpts. Good job Turk.

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