Posted by: Turkadactyl | March 8, 2017

Sylvaneth- Drycha WIP

I want to start with an apology.  I originally posted on Drycha on Monday thinking that that the post was actually complete.  Well it wasn’t and shame on me for not checking before publishing.  I forgot that I started working on a draft.  I deleted the original post and decided to start over.  So now that my blunder is out in the open let’s get back to Drycha.

Welcome to #MonsterMarcha painting challenge issued by Swordmaster from Path of an Outcast.  The idea is assemble and paint a monster during the month of March.  I assembled Drycha back in January and it’s time to paint her up.  I’m really looking forward to working on this model.  The Sylvaneth is a great looking line and Drycha is no exception.  The part that interests me the most is the honeycomb.  I think it will look sharp with a brown bark so let’s have a look at some photos.

I have all of my base colours down.  I made sure to get the drybrushing completed first.  For the bark I based it with Scorched Brown then applied Nuln Oil.  I drybrushed Scorched Brown, Dark Flesh, Terminatus Stone, Steel Legion Drab and concluded with Terminatus Stone.

The inner bark is Rakarth Flesh.  The flowers are Screamer Pink.  The vines are Elysian Green.  The honeycomb is XV-88.

For the sprites and Drycha I based them with Celestra Grey.  The plan is to paint Drycha with the same method I used for the Tree Revenants.  Right now I am not sold on the brown branches for the hair but I will wait and see how things play out.  For the sprites I will apply a coat of white before I apply Gulliman Blue.

I left the inside “pump” in the picture below as is for the moment.  I am uncertain if I want to keep it with a wood look or alter it.

The part I am looking forward to the most is painting the honeycomb.  It’s going to look sharp with the brown bark.  I had XV-88 and Averland Sunset in my paint collection so I figured I would put them to good use.  There’ still a lot of work to be done.  I am really digging this model.  She looks menacing.  The pose is dynamic and the assembly was fairly easy.  Stay tuned for more.

If you have any Age of Sigmar miniatures you want to showcase send me an e-email.  My contact info is on the sidebar.  I’d love to showcase your models.

Thanks for reading.


  1. She’s looking good Alex. Drycha is a cool looking model and I’m sure you are going to do her justice.

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    • Just weakening your defences bit by bit to start a Sylvaneth army.

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      • HAHAHAHA! Well it is working, I was trying to justify getting some to hack a Sylvaneth Blood Bowl team, that way it limits the size right?

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  2. No argument from me. 😉


  3. Looking great! These models are really good! I agree with Joe, your painting is fantastic!

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    • Thank you. I’ve been able to practice on a few Sylvaneth models now. I’m enjoying this model.


  4. Kinda want to drop every Aelf I’m currently painting to get out all the Sylvaneth and paint them up. I am seriously swooning over your sylvaneth, Turk as your skillz are mad indeed! May I ask what colour primer you use?

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    • Thanks for the kind words. I used GW black primer. I’m not a fan of Army Painter primer. I use it for scenery but I find some of the cans spray a thick coat. GW is more consistent in my opinion and worth the extra price tag.


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