Posted by: Turkadactyl | October 18, 2016

Sylvaneth- Treelord Ancient

It’s time for another Sylvaneth update.  Today I present to you the Treelord Ancient.  This was the first of three Treelord models that I painted.


I was having difficulty trying to choose a colour for the vines.  I used dark green, blue, purple, pink and brown.  None of them seemed to match what I was trying to achieve.  It was time for a trip to the store to look at paint.  I found what I was looking for with Elysian Green and Ogryn Camo.  I started with Elysian and applied Athonian Camoshade.  I used Elysian Green again as a highlight with Ogryn Camo as the next highlight.  I followed that up with mixing some Ushabti Bone with Ogryn Camo for the last highlight.  I was pleased with the result.

For the exposed tree “flesh” I started off with Rakarth Flesh.  I applied Agrax Earthshade and my first highlight was Rakarth Flesh, then Karak Stone.  I followed that up with Ushabti Bone and for the final highlight I mixed white with Ushabti.

The fallen tress are twigs I picked up from my tree.  I primed them and drybrushed to match the model.  I resorted to the Arareille painting tutorial for the fungus.  I used Scab Red followed by Squig Orange.  I applied Agrax Earthshade and the final highlight was Elf Flesh.



The sprites compliment the model well.  They blend in with the Treelord but stand out enough to be noticed but not take away from the rest of the model.  I plan on doing a second Treelord Ancient in the future with a brown bark theme.


Thanks for reading.  More Sylvaneth coming soon!


  1. Loving these guys. The colors just stand out so well, the basing is amazing. Well done!


    • I really can’t say enough about the blossom tufts. They are perfect for this army and I am thankful to have randomly come across Vince Ventrulla’s YouTube channel.

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      • It’s almost enough to make me want to start an army just to do some awesome basing with that stuff.


      • Do it! I was looking around for forest resin bases and couldn’t find any. I figured I would give the GW texture paint a go and add some tufts. It ended up being the right choice because I stumbled upon the blossom tufts.

        I dropped my models off for Armies on Parade and slept because I was on nights. I guess lots of people were asking about the blossom tufts.


  2. OMG! I’m in awe. The colour scheme is outstanding and that base is … just wow. You nailed it, buddy.


    • Thanks. I don’t know if I can top this army. All the colours and basing material seemed to come together perfectly.

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      • From what I’ve seen, it is most definitely worthy of a showcase in White Dwarf.


  3. Stunning work, you really have found an army and paint scheme that works very well for you. Bravo.


  4. Amazing work yet again! Love the colors and the base is utterly amazing. You are truly setting the standard for what a Sylvaneth army can look like.


    • You’re too kind. There are a lot of fabulous Sylvaneth armies out there. Twitter has been fun to look at other projects.


  5. Oh hell yeah, amazing.


  6. Oh wow that Treelord is just stunning, the base really complements your colour scheme and really makes him look fae


    • Thanks. When I saw the blossom tufts on VinceVenturella’s YouTube channel I knew I had a match made in heaven. I see the Sylvaneth as full of life so I went with a base filled with lots of foliage. Take that Nurgle!


  7. Hey! Amazing basing. I’m painting my treelord right now. Where can I buy the materials for the base you created?

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    • Check out Hangar 18 Miniatures-

      I used a mixture of spring and summer grass tufts, tufts with weeds and blossom tufts. I liked mixing all the tufts on the base. It seemed more natural that way. You won’t regret using this. A good quality and they make a world of difference for improving the model.

      If you want to showcase your Sylvaneth send me some photos. I’d love to show your models.


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