Posted by: Turkadactyl | April 25, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Deathstorm Captain

My Shield of Baal Deathstorm Captain is now complete.  His thunderhammer has been oiled for battle and is ready to hi-five a Riptide in the face.


This fellow looks like he’d enjoy a ride in a Caestus Assault Ram.  All in due time.  This was an enjoyable model to paint.  I think I was able to cover up all the areas that I cut the Blood Angel icons off.  We don’t need no stinkin’ Blood Angels!





Will and I played an 1850 point game on the weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos for a battle report.  Taking photos and writing a turn by turn summary adds some extra time.  I opted for the shorter evening.  Will was using the Flesh Tearers rules from Shield Of Baal.  Will wanted to try Fulmination from the new powers and he rolled the power where he gets to switch two units.  Wow, that power sure does mess up the plans.  I bubble wrapped by Tervigon with thirty Termagants.  The Librarian and five Terminators change places with the little gribblies.  A ten man squad of Death Company with Chaplain charge the Termagants and roll over with ease.  The Terminators charge the Tervigon and like magic the Tervigon disappears.  Will also rolled the power that one unit can move up to eighteen inches and over all intervening terrain and models.  He made good use of that power to move units to objectives.

I rolled out the Genestealer Cult and what would you know I rolled Invisibility for my Patriarch.  That’s just the power I wanted.  The Patriarch could have done more damage had I not gotten so greedy.  I pulled a claim objective card that I was claiming.  I thought I could get the best of both worlds with Mr. Invisible.  I figured I would charge four Tactical Marines, wipe them out and then consolidate back to the objective.  Nope, wall of death with the heavy flamer and flamer made me regret my greediness.  This was my first game with the Genestealer Cult and I don’t have much to say at the moment.  Will’s shooting was phenomenal in the first round and half of my Cult disappeared before they could do anything.  There will be plenty more opportunities.  I have decided on the colours for the clothing.  Once my terrain and Space Marine vehicles are painted I will move onto the Cult.  On a side note, the Flyrant did not make an appearance against Will.  That beast has done a lot of heavy lifting and is enjoying its forced vacation.


  1. Sweet Hammerer of Foes, I have one of these in the closet of doom to-do pile, looks good in grey. Have you seen the new Stormwing gunship, very Carcharadons A10 Thunderbolt Tankbuster, crying out for a shark jaw motif on the nose!


    • I look forward to seeing your version on WeeMen!


  2. Looks great. An awesome model and your paint job set him off nicely. Great job dude


  3. Very cool man, a suitable leader for your sharks.

    Can I recommend going the whole hog now and getting a tiny drill for the gun barrells? I think it helps add a finishing touch and I am someone who didn’t do it for ages.


    • I’ll drill it one day. It’s one of those things I don’t think about when I assemble and then before I know it the model is done.


  4. Your use of blue really makes your Carcharodons stand out from the rest. You usually don’t see any spot color on Carcharodons other than blood splatter, or maybe the occasional use of red.

    I’m a blue guy when it comes to blue vs. red so I definitely approve.


    • I’ve never been a huge fan of the blood splatter. I have some pots of the longtime ago discontinued Midnight Blue. The capes seemed like a good opportunity to use that colour up. I painted blue power weapons with my Sisters so I wanted that continuity with my other armies. Purple for force weapons. The blue goes well with the grey.


  5. That thunderhammer looks great. Fantastic job overall! Btw, thanks for the info on the rome trip links! Been reading!


  6. Thanks. Glad the Rome post was of good use.


  7. Very crips!


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