Posted by: Turkadactyl | February 12, 2016

Space Marines Carcharodons- Sevrin Loth WIP

Sevrin Loth.  Well done Forgeworld.  What a great sculpt.  This was the model and the Honour Guard that accompanied that motivated me to start a Space Marine chapter.  After much research and thought I settled on the Carcharodons.  If you are a painter then get this model.  If you are going to start a Space Marine chapter then get this model.


Here is Loth from the Forgeworld page.


I removed all Red Scorpion icons from the model.  I had to add some green stuff on the left shoulder pad to have a large enough surface for the transfer.  I added green stuff to the rock that Loth is stepping on.  I am using a tech deck base and a rock did not fit the aesthetic.  I attempted to make it look a like a slab of metal with pipes coming out of it.  Conversion work is a bit of a chore for me.  I’ll do it and get a passing grade, maybe.  For the first step I used Army Painter Ultramarine blue.




Then it is time to paint on the base colours.





I changed colours for the axe.  With the Librarian that I posted previously the force axe was blue.  I decided to go with purple instead.  My power weapons are painted blue.  My Grey Knights are using purple force weapons so I decided to be consistent with the Knights.  The blue also blends with the Librarian armour.  I didn’t paint the lightning on the axe as I wasn’t a fan of it.  Next step will be a bath in the varnish and then highlights.


  1. It’s funny how a Red Scorpions model inspired you to start a Carcharodons army, although maybe the Sevrin Loth -> Space Marines, and Space Marines -> Carcharodons were two separate thought processes. Either way, I’m glad you did end up choosing the Carcharodons.

    Loth is definitely the absolute best librarian model on the market today, and is one of only two or three helmeted librarians, with the other two being a very old power armor one and an extremely outdated 25mm terminator librarian, along with some 25mm GK/SW terminators. I like that FW held off on the Red Scorpion decals and you can easily swap a single shoulder and have a serviceable Chief Librarian for any chapter.


  2. When I started collecting the models it was back in fifth edition. That was when we could use special characters from other chapters, give them a new name and use still use their rules. Sixth edition changed all that.

    I initially planned on purchasing Loth and the Honour Guard just to paint up. Then Tyberos was released and I read the background to Badab and the Carcharodons won me over. There was the conversion opportunity too to snip off the scorpion tale from Chapter Champion tale and model a shark dorsal fin.

    For sure Loth is the best Librarian model out there right now. I’ll have to find a willing opponent to let me use the Loth rules.


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